14 January 2015

Chiesa di San Filippo Neri (Torino, Italia)

The building was designed and erected by Filippo Juvarra after the collapse, in 1714, of the domed structure in an advanced stage of construction, commenced in 1675 and designed by the Lugano-born architect Antonio Bettino.

After producing many designs, Juvarra eventually plumped for a large single aisle covered by a barrel vault with large windows. The continuous polychrome trabeation and the curviliniear link at the corners of the vault helped conjure up the perception of a unitary space.

Externally, the vault is buttressed by robust brick separators. The entrance is on the same axis as the atrium of the palazzo Asinari di San Marzano and is withdrawn from the street to allow access to the Oratory. Juvarra's designs for church and convent were completed by Giovanni Battista Sacchetti and Giovanni Pietro Baroni di Tavigliano, Pietro Bonvinci (presbytery and sacristy), Giuseppe Talucchi (from 1825) and Ernesto Camusso (facade with Corinthian pronaus, 1891).